Award: Dr. Vivian McAlister wins lifetime achievement award in transplantation

Congratulations to Dr. Vivian McAlister on receiving the 2019 Canadian Society of Transplantation (CST) Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award is given out annually to an established transplant physician surgeon who has been internationally recognized for their work and made significant contributions to the development of transplantation activities in Canada.

“I was shocked to be honoured with this award, especially because previous recipients included giants in the field, such as Western’s Drs. Cal Stiller, Bill Wall and Tony Jevnikar,” said Dr. McAlister, the Angus McLachlin Professor of Surgery.

Dr. McAlister first studied liver transplantation in 1990 under Dr. Wall, one of the first surgeons in the world to complete the operation without using blood transfusion.

Dr. McAlister was a pioneer in the early years of the CST, serving on its Executive and as President in 2002. He played an essential role in developing the Halifax Multi-Organ Transplant Program, a program he continues to anchor at the London Health Sciences Centre.

His work, research, mentorship and leadership has been acknowledged in Canada and abroad.

“I am on a team now that is known for its ability to find a way around barriers to providing successful transplants to patients that might be denied elsewhere because of complexity,” said Dr. McAlister.

Dr. McAlister has also been dedicated to humanitarian work, providing his surgical skills in war-torn countries as a member of the Canadian Forces Medical Service.

“I know this is a lifetime achievement award, and I am humbled to have been chosen, but it spurs me to do more in this fantastic program where good fortune has placed me.”