Award: Project wins AAMC 'Best in Class' two years in a row

Congratulations to Dr. Mithu Sen, Assistant Dean, Faculty Equity & Wellness, for her peer-reviewed international American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Best in Class Award for Innovation, Resilience, and Wellness in Faculty.

This award is a recognition of her outstanding leadership in the creation and implementation of a faculty wellness program at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

The two phases of this project - both the development and implementation of a faculty wellness program - received the AAMC “Best in Class Award” two years in row. In 2016 and 2017.

“Schulich Medicine & Dentistry was the only Canadian school given the privilege to present and was recognized amongst excellent schools such as Harvard and Stanford,” said Dr. Sen. “Winning this highly prestigious award for our School and University two years in a row was unprecedented and distinguishes us as a leader in faculty wellness and faculty affairs on an international and very competitive stage.”

Dr. Sen says being the only Canadian school accepted and awarded this incredible international recognition is humbling.

“The pride in bringing this award home again to our school, a second time in a row, and sharing with our exceptional, collaborative team is priceless,” she said.