Schulich Medicine & Dentistry signs MOU with Second Military Medical University in Shanghai, China

MOU Signing at SMMU

On June 29, Dr. John Denstedt represented Schulich Medicine & Dentistry at Second Military Medical University’s (SMMU) 2015 Graduation and Degree-Conferring Ceremony in Shanghai, China. Dr. Denstedt delivered a convocation address to the new graduates, speaking on behalf of a large international group of attendees representing a number of universities from countries including Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Italy.

In his role as Special Advisor to the Dean for Internationalization and Simulation, Dr. Denstedt also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of Western University with SMMU, which will help enable the exchange of students, trainees and faculty members between the two schools.

“The MOU was signed to facilitate the collaborative interactions between Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and SMMU,” Dr. Denstedt said. “This is the third Chinese institution with which we have signed an MOU, and we will remain focused on working with these three sites in the foreseeable future.”

Dr. Denstedt explained that the MOU, which was jointly developed between Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Western International and SMMU in the last four months, also opens up the opportunity for research collaboration.

MOU Signing at SMMU

“SMMU is a very well-funded university institution in China that has tremendous capabilities in translational research, particularly in the field of cancer. I see a significant opportunity for collaborative research that we’ll begin to explore in the near future,” he said.

The first tangible outcome of the MOU is Schulich Medicine & Dentistry will be welcoming four medical students from SMMU for three consecutive weeks, beginning July 13. Longteng Ma, Yuechao Zhao, Jing Qiu and Yiran Wang will be experiencing an observership in clinical settings at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

“We are delighted these students will be with us for the next three weeks, and we hope they enjoy their experience in London, Ontario,” Dr. Denstedt said. Additionally two Schulich Medicine students are currently at SMMU completing clinical electives.