Dr. Stan Kogon receives the Barnabas Day Award for Distinguished Service from the Ontario Dental Association

Dr. Stan Kogon, MSc’70, received the Barnabas Day Award for Distinguished Service from the Ontario Dental Association (ODA).

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession of dentistry for a sustained period of at least 20 years.

Dr. Kogon became an assistant professor at Western University in 1969, and has been a full-time professor since 1987. He served as Associate Dean and Director of Schulich Dentistry from 1998-2003.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kogon has held numerous leadership and committee positions involving curriculum, clinic policy, admissions, informed consent and health records. He has also been dedicated to patient protection in the area of radiation. His teaching interests include oral diagnosis, oral medicine, oral radiology and forensic dentistry.

Author of more than 60 publications, Dr. Kogon’s research encompasses radiographic techniques and guidelines, forensic dentistry, principles of quality assurance and trends in dental education. He helped develop benchmarks in “selective radiography”, a new concept for radiation protection in dental practice.

Dr. Kogon’s work in the area of forensic dentistry has been carried out on an international scale. His contributions date back to the Woodbridge Disaster at Pearson International Airport in 1970. In 2004, he was sent by the Canadian government to assist in the identification of the tsunami victims in Thailand. In 1998, he assisted in the Swiss Air disaster identification process in Nova Scotia. He has also helped develop a computerized aid to dental identification in mass disasters, which received international acclaim. Dr. Kogon currently serves as the forensic odontologist responsible for Southwestern Ontario.

The Barnabas Day Award was presented at the ODA’s President’s Dinner and Dance in May. Congratulations to Dr. Kogon on receiving this special honour.