Dr. Cathy Faulds installed as President of the Ontario College of Family Physicians

Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Faulds on being installed as President of the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP). Dr. Faulds is a part time faculty member in Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s Department of Family Medicine and graduated with her Doctor of Medicine degree from the School in 1986.

“I remain humble to the incredible opportunity that has been given to me by many I have worked with throughout my career,” Dr. Faulds said. “I hope that I can fulfill the role desired of President for our OCFP membership.”

Dr. Faulds explained that stepping into a role like this was never planned. She simply always loved being a family doctor.

“Being a family doctor is both a privilege and an honour — my husband and daughters realize it is my vocation and avocation,” she said.

“Now I have joined the other board members at OCFP, because I feel passionately that through this organization we can add value not only to ourselves as practitioners, but also to the health care system,” she added.

As the OCFP’s newest President, and someone who is passionate about fostering good doctor-patient relationships, she would like to see family physicians collectively leading on a few important items — one of them being the advancement and delivery of high quality primary care. This means strengthening education programs and leadership as family doctors.

For more information on the Ontario College of Family Physicians, visit www.ocfp.on.ca.