Celebrating North American Occupational Safety and Health Week at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

While occupational health and safety should be top of mind every day, North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH) is a great opportunity to take a look around your work station for health and safety hazards to ensure it is a safe place for you and your colleagues.

Here are some helpful health and safety tips:

  1. If you use short forms on bottles containing chemical solutions, the full description of the short form must appear on a list within the laboratory in a prominent location.
  2. It is a violation of the electrical safety code of Ontario to use an extension cord in a permanent manner. Please remove all extension cords from your work area.
  3. Glacial acetic acid is a flammable liquid and must be stored in the flammable storage cabinet.
  4. To properly dispose of waste chemicals, use the process outlined here.
  5. Microwaves and space heaters must be plugged directly into wall receptacles and never into power bars.
  6. Remember to test safety eyewashes inside the laboratories on a weekly basis.
  7. Inform new employees where the official first aid kit can be found for your area and who the first aid kit representative is.
  8. Click here to access the list of mandatory training courses for Western University employees.
  9. Click here for more information about occupational health and safety at Western University. This website contains a wealth of information about topics of importance to you and your work environment.

For more information on North American Occupational Safety and Health Week and additional tips, please visit naosh.org.