Planning Updates

To learn more about the ongoing work on the 2021 Strategic Plan, you can read the updates shared through emails and The Pulse.

A message from Dr. Chris Watling – Thank you and strategic plan survey
As the School moves into the final engagement phase of the strategic planning process, Dr. Watling shares his thanks to the teams for their participation and provides access to the strategic plan survey. Read More and Complete the Survey

Strategic plan: Emerging opportunities and imperatives
Twenty-seven strategic plan focus groups are now complete. These have helped to identify strengths as well as imperatives the School must grapple with effectively to achieve success. Read More

A Q&A with Dr. Chris Watling – Checking in on the strategic planning process
The School’s strategic planning process is well underway and the Project Management Team has been busy with 18 focus groups held during the past four weeks. We caught up with Dr. Watling to check in on the process and ask him to reflect on the focus groups. Read More

Strategic Plan engagement begins
With nearly 40 School Strategic Plan focus groups planned to take place during the next three months, there will be many opportunities for faculty, staff and learners to participate in this process that is important to the future of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. Read More