Senior Administration Committee

Exterior building at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry


The purpose of the Committee, as the senior administrators for the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, is to provide operational expertise and guidance to the Dean, the Senior Leadership Committee and the Chief Operating Officer for the implementation of strategic initiatives and projects.



Dwayne Martins
Chief Operating Officer


Lisa Johnson
Manager of Administration and Finance,
Clinical Sciences Representative

Carri Rodgers-Rowley
Director, Finance

Glenda Ogilvie
Manager of Administration and Finance, 
Basic Sciences Representative

Mady Hymowitz
Director, Research

Kevin Inchley
Associate Director, Facilities

Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Jennifer Parraga
Director, Communications & Marketing

James Ciesla
Director, Information Services

Michelle Devito
Director, Education

Janet Biondi
Associate Director, Administration & Finance

Dr. Davy Cheng
Acting Dean – Ex Officio