Resources and Templates

Donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Do you have extra PPE supplies that you are able to donate to London’s hospitals? Please contact Rick Gibson by email with the details using an Excel document. Rick will coordinate the donation of available supplies to the hospitals based on their current needs.

Please format your Excel document using the following columns:

  • Product Description
  • Company
  • Product Name
  • Amount
  • Expiry Date
  • Department
  • Source Lab (PI)
  • Contact Email


Example of PPE inventory template

Please send this information by Friday, March 27. Supplies needed include N95 masks (or other masks such as N99, N100, p100 or r95, r99, r100), surgical masks, gowns, gloves, eye protection and face shields.

Office Signage Template

A signage template is now available to post, indicating your changed office hours and/or to provide information that your office is operating virtually.

The template is a Word document (.docx) and uses Arial font. Download and save the document to your computer before editing. If you experience issues and need assistance updating, please contact Giovanni Foco at