Information for Residency Programs - March 27

  1. Electives

    1. Within Windsor/London and Distributed Educational Network continue. If a resident is currently away on an elective for block 10, they should be completing it. Other incoming and outgoing electives and selectives are canceled until further notice.
    2. Regional elective rotations can continue within the Western/Windsor/Distributed Education Network sites provided the site has the capacity for the learner.
    3. Some programs are pulling residents back to their home program/site – if so, please inform the site and the DEN office as soon as possible when this is planned.

  2. Redeployment

    1. Pandemic level 5 Note that the pandemic planning includes assumption of one in three health care workers unavailable for work.
    2. Draft document for Principles for Redeployment will likely be approved and signed by the end of this week.
      1. MAC/Medical Affairs are working on principles for physician redeployment, principles document will be shared once finalized.
      2. Database of available physicians is being developed – this requires Program Directors to provide the most current information to the hospital for their residents.
      3. Resident redeployment will be coordinated with Program Directors and endorsed by Division/Department Chiefs, based on the organizational needs.
      4. Problems and issues:
        1. High risk/high volume areas such as ER, ICU may require resident physicians from outside of their division or department. For example ICU (division of Medicine) may require the skills and manpower of surgical residents.
        2. Overlap and cross coverage will likely be required within departments – for example medicine subspecialty residents helping to cover care in Internal Medicine, or surgical subspecialty cross coverage if the number of available residents decreases and/or inpatient census decreases (vascular resident covering thoracic and vascular etc.)
        3. Unclear about how to coordinate this currently between different Departments if required.

  3. Royal College, CFPC, MCC Examinations

    1. Spring examinations for CFPC, Royal College and MCC have been postponed until the fall; CFPC SOO (OSCE-type exam) tentatively scheduled for October 16 – 18, no confirmed dates at this time for other exams.
    2. NAC OSCE spring exam was completed and fall examination is planned.
    3. CFPC, RCPSC and MCC will be coordinating exam dates to avoid overlap and ensure adequate number of examiners for oral or OSCE type exams.

  4. Royal College FITER Update

    1. FITER required for licensee (CPSO) application – and residents may provide an e-FITER confirming their training end date, and that they have met college requirements.
    2. RCPSC will accept confirmation of training directly from program offices in a spreadsheet format (attached as excel document) – this is anticipated to expedite license processing.

  5. CPSO Update

    FAQ: I’m a resident in my final year of study and am unable to sit the RCPSC/CFPC/MCCQE 2 because of the pandemic – am I eligible for a license after completion of my training this year?

    In response to the current pandemic, the College has taken additional steps to expedite and adapt the process to the current situation to permit the issuance of a six-month restricted certificate to Final Year Residents who are unable to sit the RCPSC/CFPC/MCCQE 2 examinations due to the pandemic.

    Candidates who are issued a restricted certificate of registration under this policy will practice under low-level supervision during this period. Additionally, due to this unique situation, you will not be charged an additional application fee when you apply for your subsequent certificate at the conclusion of the six months.

    To apply under this policy, reach out to and we’ll help you assess your situation.

  6.  CaRMS Process

    1. Current plan for coordinated/synchronized undergraduate start dates etc. across Canada.
    2. Medical students will have decreased opportunity for electives – and this will need to be acknowledged and accommodated during the interview and selection process.
    3. Will develop process and recommendations for application and selection process as we get closer to CaRMS dates.

  7. International Trainees

    1. UAE residents and fellows have been called back to UAE; exemptions are possible for medical trainees.
    2. Had one international fellows successfully return to Canada to resume fellowship training. Have received detailed information on what processes to follow, can share with any other trainees that have identified to programs that they are not able to re-enter Canada, provided their home country hasn’t suspended travel.

  8. PARO Update

    1. Residents need to meet the objectives/achieve the competencies required for their training program – the ‘ask’ is that program directors be able to focus decisions on competencies with a decreased focus on ‘time’ spent particularly for residents in non-CBD programs.
    2. Competencies achieved while redeployed may be applicable and transferrable to relevant rotations and objectives.
    3. Petition to Royal College being circulated to physicians across Canada – PGME is not providing an official stance; individual can and should make their own independent decision regarding the petition; we encourage faculty to review the issues.

  9. PGME Report/Schulich Medicine Windsor Campus

    1. Housing: We have put in a plan for the Medical Arts Building (MAB)
      1. Self-isolation: We have held two family suites at the MAB to be used for self-isolation in the event a resident develops symptoms or is asked to monitor because of an unexpected exposure. These suites have kitchenettes in them so there would be less risk to the others in the building. Should we require more than two (hopefully not), we are in the process of collecting an inventory or hotels in the area with kitchenettes. Additionally, we have secured University of Windsor residence suites.
      2. Common Areas: We are working with the ownership of the MAB regarding enhanced cleaning. In addition, we are purchasing supplies for the common kitchen area (bleach, cleaning solutions, etc.) for after use with communication to the residents that they are expected to fully clean the areas (before and after use
      3. Elevators: we are restricting this to one person per trip
      4. Visitors: in the spirit of self-isolation, we are asking the residents to refrain from having guests or visitors on the premises.

    2. Hospital Operations: As per Ministry direction, Windsor Hospitals are progressing through pandemic planning. Personal protective equipment is in good supply currently.

    3. Windsor Rotations: Recent communication from the school was that core and elective PGME training in Windsor was to continue. In the past week, resident rotations have been cancelled to support call in London. We certainly respect that redeployment may be necessary but hope that this will not become the norm as a preparatory process.

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Lawrence Jacobs
      Associate Dean, Windsor Campus