COVID-19 Information for Residency Programs - Week of February 8, 2021

MCC Part 2 Examination CPSO Exemption

  • The CPSO Exemption for MCC Part 2 that is being considered will apply to anyone who:
    • was eligible to sit one of the postponed MCCQE2 sittings;
    • is currently registered in Ontario or were registered in Ontario with the CPSO when they were eligible to sit the QE2 exam;
    • are within 24 months of completion of their postgraduate training; and, meets all other requirements for issuance of an Independent Practice Certificate at the CPSO.
  • Note that this policy is not yet finalized and is being forwarded to the Ministry of Health for review, but it is anticipated that it will be approved, which will be a huge relief for those practicing on the temporary license, as well as our residents who will be graduating this year, and will have completed their Royal College/CFPC examinations and be otherwise eligible for independent practice.

CaRMS Update

  • Thank you everybody for all your work and preparation for the 2021 PGY1 CaRMS match;
  • Just a quick note re: the MSPR when you are doing file reviews – recommendations from the ARMC re: MSPR have not yet been implemented by all Universities; specifically:
    • Not all Universities will be using the national MSPR template (Western is)
    • Not all Universities are using narrative comments for the MSPR, or a standardized professionalism documentation (this will likely be implemented for the 2022 match)
  • There is an ARMC Working Group that will be reviewing the various changes in the Match this year (timing, virtual interviews, CanPREPP etc.) and making recommendation for next year.

NAC OSCE for IMGs: Required

  • The NAC OSCE is required for all IMG applications; the OSCE was held by MCC in September 2020, the IMG applicants for the 2021 match must have completed it as part of their CaRMS application.


  • All physicians (residents/faculty) who had received their first vaccine dose should have had notification and an appointment for their second dose; after completion of the Long-term Care and second dose vaccinations, there will be more information re: the next vaccination first dose cohort.
  • There are NO outbreaks at LHSC currently, and there are no PPE or hand sanitizer supply worries in our hospitals.
  • For those residents/faculty who require 1870 N95 masks (those that were unable to get a fit with the 1810s) additional supply is available. This affects just a few of our residents, and they have been contacted re: supply.

Wellness Curriculum

  • Thank you to Dr. Michelle Marlborough for providing information about the Leading Practice Indicator for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for your resident wellness curriculum. As FYI to interested programs the resources included:


  • At this time there have been no changes to electives – however please ensure that your program checks re: any new requirements or restrictions for residents who have electives scheduled in other centres as restrictions can change at any time.

LHSC Reporting Unsafe Behaviours

  • AEMS is the usual reporting system for adverse events, however individuals may feel uncomfortable completing an AEMS report. An email to is available as an alternative. Full details provided are provided below:

    Options for reporting unsafe behaviour/practices – message from LHSC

    We are all accountable for safety and the reporting of unsafe practices in the workplace, COVID-19-specific or otherwise. When you witness unsafe behavior/practices, there are a number of options for you to bring the concern forward. We encourage you to first have these crucial conversations with the other party and seek support from your leader at any point in the process to address these issues. You can also directly submit your concerns as an AEMS report or for additional support you can reach out to your leader, People and Culture, GO2HR, your applicable Union Representative and if it is a staff safety issue, your JHSC member. Should you feel uncomfortable raising your concern through any of these options, please send an email to LHSC demonstrates its corporate value of accountability through a zero-tolerance policy for reprisals or retaliation in response to a safety concern being raised. Everyone is encouraged to bring these issues forward to ensure the hospital remains a safe environment for everyone. For more information on AEMS, the Reporting and Investigation of Adverse Events and Near Misses policy is available in the corporate policy manual.