COVID-19 Information for Residency Programs - Week of February 22, 2021

First, thank you again, and always, for all your work during these stressful times. You have stepped up, committed and endured for our patients and health care teams.

I have provided some updates re: vaccination etc. for you:

CBME Innovations and Projects

  • A reminder that the 2021 Incubator is scheduled for Thursday, April 15th and Thursday, May 6th. All are welcome to share their ideas, experiences, innovations and projects! (and we know you have ideas and thoughts on this). A poster is attached. Please email Dr. Jennifer Vergel de Dios to register.

Vaccination Update

  • As residents and fellows you are Health Care Workers – you will receive your vaccinations; the timing is uncertain however due to dose availability;
  • The most recent Guidance documents for vaccination prioritization in Ontario, and information from Middlesex London Health Unit are linked below:
    Guidance for Prioritizing HCW Covid-19 vaccination
    Covid-19 vaccine prioritization
    • for the Phase One priority group – Long-term care, highest priority health care workers, indigenous adults in remote and higher risk communities.
    • Prioritization of Health Care Workers for COVD-19 vaccination which divides the priorities into
      • ‘Highest Priority’ (ICU, ER, Code Blue teams, General Internal Medicine with direct care of COVID-19 patients, as well as First Responders, individuals involved in COVID-19 testing/labs, and community health care workers for specialized populations etc..)
      • ‘Very High Priority’ – most other frontline health care workers
      • ‘High Priority’ – health care workers in community care with lower risk of exposure.
  • At this point ~ 250 of our ~ 1000 residents and fellows will have received, or have an appointment for their second vaccine dose.
  • Vaccination of the Phase One group – including long-term care and LTC essential workers etc. is ongoing; and when this group is completed appointments will be sent out to the next cohort.
  • Over the next 3 weeks 12 – 14 thousand doses are expected in Southwestern Ontario/Perth and MLHU which will allow for 6 – 7 individuals to be have first/second doses.
  • LHSC has ~ 24,000 health care workers, which isn’t counting the other non-health care workers in the priority plans (individuals over 80 years of age, assisted living, all indigenous adults etc.)
  • Overall – vaccinations are limited by the availability of the vaccines, and the vaccinations prioritization is set by MOH. The current estimate of 4 – 6 weeks for booking for ‘Very High Priority’ is subject to change (of course!)
  • If vaccines are available, the system is up and working to be able to efficiently vaccinate large numbers of people (for example Agriplex will have capacity for 1300/day).

PARO Resident Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Shane Freeman, winner of the 2021 PARO Trust Fund Resident Teaching Award, our congratulation to Shane for his commitment and inspiration as a teacher and leader. Shane is a 4th year resident in the Emergency Medicine Program.

MCC Part 2 Examination CPSO Exemption

  • An Exemption for MCC Part 2 by CPSO is being considered that will apply to anyone who:
    • was eligible to sit one of the postponed MCCQE2 sittings;
    • is currently registered in Ontario or were registered in Ontario with the CPSO when they were eligible to sit the QE2 exam;
    • are within 24 months of completion of their postgraduate training; and, who meets all other requirements for issuance of an Independent Practice Certificate at the CPSO.
  • Note that this policy is not yet finalized and is being forwarded to Ministry of Health for review, and then to the CPSO Council for review the first week of March.
  • Please note that all the Ontario Postgraduate Deans wrote to the CPSO advocating for this exemption.

With our support and admiration,

Lois and your PGME team