COVID-19 Information for Residency Programs - December 2

Dear Program Directors,

These are difficult, challenging and uncertain times for everyone. I have provided our residents and fellows frequent updates (similar to your updates) about the COVID UH outbreak as well as information about any testing requirements and sites, and of course reminders about PPE, hand hygiene and distancing.

All our residents and fellows have also been reminded about the availability and support of Learner Experience and the PARO support line. As well, Learner Experience has a list of residents currently at UH on medicine site and have reached out to those residents.

The big question on everyone’s mind – what happens on December 15th when block 7 is supposed to start? The answer is not yet clear. However – it is an agenda item on our Outbreak Ops meetings, and I have meetings tomorrow morning with the hospital and Middlesex London Health Unit representatives. The goal is to have clear guidance from MLHU (as much as possible, given that everything is changing daily).

Resident and fellow ability to move on from UH to another rotation at a different site (without the need for a self-isolation period) may depend on the extent of the outbreak over the next days, where the residents are working (medicine, surgery, ER, clinics etc.) and testing.

I will let you know (I promise) as soon as I have more information. Thank you everyone for all the work you are doing, and please take care and stay safe,