Information for Residency Programs - Week of April 10

Accreditation Update

  • Revised timelines:
    • May 28-29th Residency Accreditation Committee meeting scheduled (virtual)
    • Spring 2021 documentation due for PGME review process 
    • Fall 2021/winter 2022 PGME internal reviews and APOR reviews 
    • Fall 2022 RCPSC and CFPC Accreditation Surveys 
  • The three-year timeline will allow for PGME Internal Reviews to take place before the Fall 2022 survey and site visit. 
  • PGME internal reviews will be scheduled for the fall of 2021 and winter 2022; this will allow time for any areas for improvement that have been identified to be addressed by the programs prior to the CanERA survey. 
  • Formal PGME internal reviews will follow the CanERA survey process, and the following programs will be scheduled for formal PGME internal review: 
    • Anesthesia 
    • Obstetrics/Gynecology 
    • Psychiatry 
    • Maternal Fetal Medicine 
    • Medical Oncology 
    • Neuroradiology 
    • Electrophysiology 
    • Ophthalmology 
  • Focused reviews will be limited to areas for improvement that were identified during the survey, for example policies or terms or reference etc. Focused PGME internal reviews will be scheduled for the following programs: 
    • Emergency Medicine 
    • Neurosurgery 
    • Cardiology 
    • Clinical Pharmacology 
    • Rheumatology 
    • Plastic Surgery
  • Remaining programs will be required to submit APORs for any standards ‘not met’ (Spring 2021)

Royal College Update

  • Spring 2020 written and oral exams canceled, written exams will be scheduled for fall 2020 
  • Council approved the removal of the oral component of the spring 2020 exam, and candidates will be refunded monies for the oral exam component. 
  • Plan is for expanded test centres to decrease travel requirements, and a 6-week (minimum) notice will be provided prior to the scheduled examination. 
  • There is not yet a final decision regarding the fall cohort subspecialty examinations currently scheduled for the fall of 2020 (written, oral, OSCEs) 
  • Survey of 2020 CBD launch programs planned for April 17th, to be completed by April 24th.

CFPC Update

  • The spring oral/written examinations have been canceled and the plan is to reschedule the written exam (SAMP) for the fall of 2020. The structured Office OSCE (SOO) originally planned for October 16-18th is now canceled. For Family Medicine residents and FM-Emerg there will only be a written exam for the spring exam cohort.
  • CFPC have provided guidance to program directors regarding ‘missed time’ in training and meeting objectives. ‘Missed time’ is distinguished from ‘disrupted training’ with respect to competencies.
  • CFPC have also provided tips and teaching/assessment points for learners providing virtual care.
  • Emerging Topics Bulletin for Educators (PDF)
  • Tips for Supervising Family Medicine Learners Providing Virtual Care (PDF)

CPSO Update

  • 6-month temporary licenses will be provided to exam-eligible candidates who have completed training – minimal supervision will be required ‘a single supervisor is permitted to oversee multiple physicians’ and the typical requirement for a supervisor to be on-site has been waived.
  • For police check – CPSO has indicated that Kingston has on-line availability that may be useful.
  • 30 – day ‘Supervised Short Duration Certificates’ – require candidates to have confirmation of employment from an approved facility (Medicine Act), such as a hospital, and an identified supervisor. You may receive questions about this from IMGs who have not completed residency or matched for example – at this time it is unlikely that hospitals will be providing confirmation of employment for these individuals which is a requirement for the certificate. AFMC Dean statement attached.

CaRMS Update

  • CaRMS timelines and dates – not yet finalized.
  • July 1st residents and fellows:
    • We are expecting and planning for our PGY1s to begin July 1st, and trying to design a flexible orientation for them
    • Currently NOSM and Ottawa have 2-week self-isolation policy before beginning hospital work – this may expand to other centres/cities.
    • Be cautious with scheduling on call during the first two weeks for PGY1s and IMGs, visa residents in case there are travel or quarantine issues etc. which make them unavailable.
    • Our residents and fellows have a contract – and their pay begins July 1st.
    • Note: PGY1s will probably not have ACLS, once courses are available they will need to register and complete.
    • MCC part I exam will be scheduled in summer or fall (with a minimum or 4 week notice time), this will require accommodation for time away to take exam.



  • Annual faculty and student survey will not be done this year.