COVID-19 Update #18 - April 17 - Dentistry update, Ontario Together guidelines, COVID-19 Western Research website, accommodations for health care providers, AFMC and COFM statements for medical students

This is the 18th update to the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community.

This update includes information about:

  1. Dentistry education update

  2. Ontario Together – Guidelines and application deadlines

  3. Western Research COVID-19 website

  4. Accommodations for health care providers

  5. Update messages from the AFMC and COFM for medical students

You can now access all these updates online. You can also continue to access the Travel, Education and Visitor Policy, the COVID-19 Travel Reimbursement Policy and the status of our education and research programs online.

Dentistry pre-clinical and clinical training update

  • June 1, 2020 has now been tentatively identified as the earliest date that classes and simulation (pre-clinical) training will resume.
  • July 1, 2020 has now been tentatively identified as the earliest date that clinical training could resume. With this newly established tentative date, our normal summer shut down will take place during the months of May and June.
  • All clinical electives continue to be on hold.
  • General Practice and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery residents will be provided with specific direction from their respective Program Director regarding didactic and clinical learning.
  • For the Graduate Orthodontics program, all course work will progress as scheduled in an online format. Didactic learning is being supplemented with online seminars in areas of foundational knowledge to help in board exam preparation. Clinical education will continue to be replaced with daily online seminars on various clinical topics until clinics are re-opened and hands-on clinical learning can resume.
  • It is expected that virtual learning will continue to be part of the new normal. All universities in Canada and around the world are now making decisions about what the new academic year will bring and beginning to plan and prepare for those realities.

Ontario Together – Guidelines and application deadlines

  • To help facilitate the review of applications, the Ministry of Colleges and Universities has developed COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund program guidelines and MCU application form. The program guidelines provide further details on the application submission and review process.
  • The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest has been set for April 24.
  • Any remaining Expressions of Interest should be sent to Mady Hymowitz or David Litchfield by the end of day on April 23 to allow for processing/submission by Western Research

Western Research COVID-19 website

  • If you have questions or need information about research at Western or are looking for an update on grants and deadlines, visit the Western Research COVID-19 website.

Complimentary accommodations for health care workers

  • Accommodation continues to be available at Windermere Manor for health care workers. Please contact Brenda Brandt, General Manager, by email or by text at 519-495-5878 to arrange accommodations that meet your needs.
  • Western University is also now providing complimentary private accommodations for health care workers in Perth Hall. Rooms are equipped with a lockable bedroom and private washroom. The bedroom has a single bed, blanket, pillows and bed linens, facecloth, towels and washing soap.
  • Please note that these accommodations are for those who are healthy and are not to be used for self-isolation.
  • There are a limited number of rooms available, and reservations are required.

AFMC statement for medical students

  • On April 15, the AFMC released the following statement nationally.
  • Visiting electives are suspended until September 26, 2020. Currently, students are unable to submit applications on the AFMC Student Portal. No decision has been made on when the portal will re-open.
  • It will re-open 16 weeks before visiting electives are offered by the faculties.
    We understand the concern these disruptions may cause, and we ask that students regularly check the AFMC Student Portal for updates as they become available.

COFM message for medical students

  • On April 16, COFM shared a with all medical students in Ontario.
  • It outlines the criteria that will allow Ontario schools to determine when circumstances have resolved sufficiently to allow for re-engagement in clinical rotations. These criteria have been developed from core principles: Patient Safety, Student Safety, Safety of Teaching Faculty and Health Providers, Learning Opportunities and Supervision.

Please send ALL communication related to the COVID-19 pandemic that you need to be shared with the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community for faculty, staff, students, learners, trainees and fellows to Jennifer Parraga. The information will be compiled and shared with the School.

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