CBME Research grants awarded

The Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) Innovation Fund provided pilot research project funding to advance scholarly work in CBME. More than 20 applications were submitted, which challenged the adjudication committee to decide on projects to receive funding. The committee was looking for innovation in the areas of curriculum design; resident assessment; teaching, learning, and coaching; faculty development; learner or faculty wellness impact; and remediation approaches.

The individuals and projects receiving funding include:

Neurosurgical-team simulation based training (NEUROSIM) CBME – led by Dr. Richard Cherry;

A multi-sourced qualitative analysis of feedback on entrustable professional activities (EPAs) of Otolaryngology residents –led by Dr. Josee Paradis;

The impact of a purpose-built mobile application for tracking radiation oncology resident performance as professionals, teachers and mentors in the era of CBME – led by Drs. Velker and Nguyen;

Faculty development program for assessment in CBME – led by Dr. Anita Florendo-Cumbermack;

RAPTER and ETA: the next evolution in CBME – led by Drs. Pepe and Lin-Pepe;

Developing an assessment tool for on-call experiences in surgical education – led by Dr. Aaron Grant;

Development of case-based assessments of transition to discipline entrustable professional activities in surgical foundations – led by Dr. Julie Ann Van Koughnett.

Project updates will be shared in the coming months