Working to ease world-wide suffering due to HIV/AIDS

Whether he is in the lab or developing policy around the board room table, Stephen Barr, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology is working to ease world-wide suffering due to HIV/AIDS.

Barr’s research is providing a deeper understanding of the human innate immune response toward HIV, which will in turn lead to novel approaches for antiviral therapeutics and personalized medicine for HIV-infected individuals.  

However, says Barr “Laboratory research is a slow process for making direct impact in the community.” It is for this reason that he is also directing his energy to the HIV/AID community locally. For the past four years he has serving on the Board of Directors for the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) organization based here in London.

The purpose of this Board of Directors is to act, on behalf of the people of greater London and surrounding area, ensure the accountability of the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, by working toward ensuring that people who are infected with, at increased risk of, or affected by HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C enjoy health and well-being.