Paying it forward with coaching

Growing up, Dr. Robert Hammond, associate dean, Admissions, was encouraged by his parents, to try just about anything - within reason of course. Sports seemed to be a perfect fit.  Fortunate to be able to play sports, Dr. Hammond developed a great appreciation for the coaches and the other volunteers who made it all possible.

As a form of gratitude and paying it forward, Dr. Hammond has been coaching both of his children in hockey (North London Nationals Hockey) and baseball (North London Girls Baseball) for the past 12 years.

“Coaching has allowed me to spend more time with my own children and to build memories with them in another setting,” said Dr. Hammond. “I enjoy teaching and never grow tired of seeing a child’s confidence grow. Getting to know other children, their families and my fellow coaches continues to be an absolute pleasure.”

In the Hammond household, sports are encouraged for their many obvious social, mental and physical benefits. Through his coaching Dr. Hammond also hopes to engage other children in the benefits of physical activity, and reinforce the importance of effort, communication, collaboration and respect for others and themselves.  

“The setting and title are different enough that it may not be obvious to some how similar coaching is to parenthood or to the mentorship that I think is the soul of medical pedagogy, apprenticeship and the camaraderie we enjoy,” said Dr. Hammond. “If you enjoy being a parent, a teacher, a doctor – you are already prime coaching material.”