A favorite pastime brings comfort and warmth for those in need

Sharon Rasul, administration officer, Dentistry Finance, learned how to knit from her mother when she was five years old and then taught herself to crochet at the age of ten. Hooked from that moment on, she had no idea this new hobby would later provide her with the perfect opportunity to help others in need.

A member of The Crochet Club of London, Sharon and her fellow crocheters create beautiful blankets for people in need, or in support of charities that auction off works of art. Since the clubs inception, they have created and donated almost 7,000 afghans to more than 100 different charitable organizations.

“It is so satisfying to know where the completed projects end up,” said Rasul. “I was pleased to learn that the purple blanket I made was given to a girl as a Christmas gift. It’s all very touching.”

Although the club only gives away blankets, they create mittens, hats, scarves, and Rasul's favorite, tooth fairy pillows, which they sell at bazaars to raise money to purchase yarn needed to make blankets.

“Being able to volunteer allows me to create things on my own time and in my own way,” said Rasul. “I can create different things every time, which keeps things interesting. I enjoy knowing that my efforts are helping other in the community as well.”

Meeting once a month, the group gathers supplies, turns in completed projects, share ideas and does a little bit of socializing. Although most members of the club already know how to crochet, Rasul is looking forward to teaching potential members.