Our Artwork


2019 Calendar

Thank you to all faculty, staff and students who made the 2019 calendar a vibrant display of our commitment to the community.

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2019 Desktop Backgrounds

At the end of each month, throughout 2019, visit this page to download desktop artwork from 12 featured artists.

To download your desktop background click the widescreen or standard link provided below. It will open the desktop background image in a new window. Right click the image and select Save image as.... Save the image to your desktop, and then set the image as your desktop backgound by right clicking and selecting Set as desktop background.

January  Widescreen |  Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183.png
February  Widescreen | Standard  DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_2.png
March  Widescreen |  Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_3.png
April  Widescreen | Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_4.png
June  Widescreen |  Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_6.png
July  Widescreen | Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_7.png
August  Widescreen | Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_8.png
September  Widescreen |  Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_9.png
October Widescreen | Standard  DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_10.png
November  Widescreen | Standard DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_11.png
December  Widescreen |  Standard  DesktopBG2019_Thumb_272x183_12.png