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Welcome to the Class of 2020 from Dr. Gary Tithecott

White Coat Ceremony

Dear Meds 2020,

Welcome to the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry!

We are excited to work with you in supporting your medical career along a life journey that is competency-based and aligned with the seven Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) curriculum competencies. The knowledge, skills, professional values, mentorship and scholarship our School will help you develop during the next four years will help each of you make a difference in your career, redefining health care in your own chosen field and region.

This upcoming week starts with excitement and celebration with family and close friends at the White Coat Ceremony on August 30. The rest of the week will support you establishing life-long bonds with your new classmates – you will be partners in learning over the next four years in our School.

On behalf of the entire UME faculty and staff in London, Windsor and the distributed region, we welcome and thank you for choosing our School.

You will be a member of Meds 2020, part of one class – two campuses. We look forward to working with you during four years of study in UME and possibly beyond into residency at our School.

To your parents, family and friends we express our gratitude and congratulations in your daughter or son accepting an offer to study medicine at Western University. The University and Schulich Medicine have a rich history and many recent successes in education, research, innovation and research that we are excited to instill into our students. Our School also has strong student support – not only in academics, but also in health and wellness through the Learner Equity and Wellness (LEW) Office.

So sit back, enjoy the week of orientation and the immersion in the medical profession.  

Our thanks to the members of Meds 2019 and 2018 who have worked hard to make this upcoming week possible. A special gratitude also goes out to all the staff who have worked tirelessly to make our White Coat Ceremony and Foundations Week a success.

To each new member of Meds 2020 – whether a Western graduate or a newcomer to campus – remember that you’re are a partner in the vision, mission and values of the University and the School. At all times, be Purple and Proud!


Dr. Gary Tithecott