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The Undergraduate Awards - International recognition for your coursework

The Undergraduate Awards

If you have an excellent piece of coursework then international recognition is only a few steps away!

Western is once again participating in "The Undergraduate Awards." This is the world's only pan-discipline scholarly competition that reviews coursework from students in the sciences to arts and humanities, to social science and many other areas. Students selected for these prestigious awards have the opportunity to have their work published and will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Dublin, Ireland.

What are The Undergraduate Awards?
The Undergraduate Awards acknowledge excellence in undergraduate academia across all disciplines through an international call for top scholarly submissions. Students submit high-quality coursework to compete against top undergraduate scholars from around the world.

Who is eligible to apply?
Students in their final year, or second-last year of an undergraduate degree program. This includes second-entry undergraduate degree programs such as law, medicine, dentistry, business, social work etc.

What can I submit?
Any piece of individual undergraduate coursework that received an "A" grade or higher. There are 25 categories ranging from the sciences, to social science, to arts and humanities, to professional programs.

How it works
Step 1: Students register online at Interested students should do this step immediately to hold their space and ensure they will be able to submit their final papers by the deadline.
Step 2: Fill out a quick online form to tell Western International about your intent to submit to The Undergraduate Awards, then consider connecting with your professor to get feedback and polish your paper.
Step 3: Once their paper is polished, students will submit them independently to The Undergraduate Awards via the website at by the May 31 deadline. Students submit their coursework online, making sure their name and university is not included in the actual submission.

There is no fee to register or enter your work. Students may enter up to three individual submissions.

For more information, visit Western's International Learning website.