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Faculty Reflection: Dear doctors, be kind to each other

"If we work in an environment where we are kind, tolerant and respectful of each other, we will in turn be more humane to our patients. Young doctors will be nurtured in a system that is steeped in kindness and compassion and they in turn will become sound clinicians who resonate the same values."

-Dr. Dharmaraj Karthikesan,
Blog: Dear doctors, be kind to each other

As we celebrate the holiday season and look to a new year of promise and potential, I would ask each of you to read this blog post and reflect on how, together, we can address the issue that is raised about doctor-to-doctor relationships. The challenge of respectful actions and communication is linked with patient outcomes and personal/family/team health.

Each of us bears a responsibility for action. No one is immune to this issue - inside and outside medicine - as evidenced by what we read and see daily.

Make understanding and action on this issue a New Year's resolution that carries forward throughout your career.


Dr. Gary Tithecott