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From Dr. Tithecott: Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving

This weekend many of you who do not have clinical responsibilities will be returning home or visiting the homes of others to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time for reconnecting with loved ones and it provides a chance for us to recharge as we transition from the end of summer into the fall and winter season.

This holiday is also a time for us to consider all that we are thankful for. This includes being able to call Canada home. We are citizens of a beautiful, prosperous and safe country that allows us the liberty and ability to pursue many opportunities.

We were saddened this week by the news that a Western University student was struck by a car on campus. Our thoughts and prayers are with the student and the family, friends, first responders and caregivers who were affected. As you make your plans for the weekend, please travel safely and make smart, informed choices.

At the UME and LEW Offices, are thankful for all of you and your contributions to our School family and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Dr. Gary Tithecott