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Strengthen Knowledge

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Strategic Direction #2: Strengthen knowledge translation to achieve health benefits for individuals and populations

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research define knowledge translation as 'a dynamic and iterative process that includes synthesis, dissemination, exchange and ethically-sound application of knowledge to improve the health of Canadians, provide more effective health services and products and strengthen the health care system.'

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry has moved boldly to recognize the importance of knowledge translation (KT) as a significant part of its academic mandate. Furthermore, achieving progress towards Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s vision is highly dependent on moving research findings to application through guideline development, utilization and health policy development to achieve patient and community impact followed by outcome assessment.

Although knowledge translation is not highly developed across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, there are several pockets of excellence in this area. Examples include:

It has been emphasized that knowledge translation is bi-directional, engaging both researchers and knowledge users. It is the interaction with knowledge users that will help to identify knowledge ‘gaps’ that may guide in setting new research agendas.