United Way campaign off to a good start

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thanks to you, Pizza Day for United Way raised $652.59 for our campaign.  The winning ticket for the United Way 50-50 draw worth $92.00, was claimed and graciously donated back to United Way!  

Early Bird Prizes were awarded to everyone who pledged before and during the Schulich Pizza Lunch for United Way.  Congratulations to following individuals - they are the winners of this year's prizes.

Prizes will be available for pick-up by Friday.  Winners will be contacted directly with more information.  Thanks to everyone for their support of the United Way of London & Middlesex.
Lunch with Dr. Strong at Michael's Dining Room on January 9, 2013
WINNER: Dr. Jane Rylett, Physiology & Pharmacology
Lunch with Dr. Strong at Michael's Dining Room on January 23, 2013
WINNER:  Shannon English, Communications
Schulich Umbrella
WINNER: Mary Peterson, SWOMEN
Gift Card for Michael's Dining Room ($25 value)
WINNER: Cristina Marolda, Microbiology & Immunology
Gift Card for Hospitality Services ($20 value)
WINNER: Elisa Rzeznik, Robarts
Schulich Blanket
WINNER: Dr. Stanley Dunn, Biochemistry

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