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Stephen Lomber

Stephen Lomber

Canada Research Chair in Brain Plasticity and Development

(Joint Appointment with Psychology)
PH.D. Boston University School of Medicine
B.Sc. The University of Rochester
Office:  Social Science Centre, Room 9232
p. 519.663-5777 x.24110
f. 519.663.3193

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The Importance of Experience on Brain Development, Cerebral Organization and Cortical Plasticity

The work of our laboratory is guided by the question: "How does experience influence brain development and influence adaptive neuroplasticity?  In order to answer this question we are presently pursuing three different avenues of investigation:

Additional Research Themes Include:

Integration of Ascending, Lateral, and Feedback Signals in the Formation of Sensory Maps
Subcortical Afferent Pathway Mediation of Extrastriate Cortex Function
Cortico-Tectal Interactions Mediating Visuomotor Control


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