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Featured Careers

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Graduates of the Physiology and Pharmacology doctoral program have gone on to exciting careers such as academia, biological and industrial research, regulation, consulting, and many others. Our featured alumi profiles provide a glimpse into the Phys/Pharm graduate student experience, how they optimized their degree to obtain their ideal career, and advice on how you can do the same!

  • Tim Bailey

    Timothy C. Bailey, LLB, PhD

  • Stefanie Black

    Stefanie Black, PhD

  • Dylan Burger

    Dylan Burger, PhD

  • Erica Conte

    Erica Conte, PhD

  • Ryan Gillespe

    Ryan Gillespe, PhD

  • Adrian Gunaratne

    Adrian Gunaratne, PhD

  • Ernie Ho

    Ernie Ho, PhD

  • Carmen Leung

    Carmen Leung, PhD

  • Jason Moreau

    Jason Moreau, PhD

  • David Natale

    David R. C. Natale, PhD

  • Chau Nguyen

    Chau Nguyen, PhD

  • Bryce Pickard

    Bryce Pickard, PhD

  • Samar Sayedyahossein

    Samar Sayedyahossein, PhD

  • Scott Swarbreck

    Scott Swarbreck, PhD

  • Veronica Ulici

    Veronica Ulici, PhD

  • Sarah Woolsey

    Sarah Woolsey, PhD