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Accelerated MSc Program

Physiology and Pharmacology Graduate Program

In the Accelerated MSc in Physiology/Pharmacology entry option, students who have successfully completed the summer offering of Phys 4980 or Pharm 4980 acquire additional research experience and experimental results through the “Advanced Research in Physiology and Pharmacology” course offered during the subsequent fall-winter terms (Phys 4999E or Pharm 4999E). The data and competencies developed in Phys 4999E or Pharm 4999E can be used towards the MSc program requirements. The Accelerated MSc option also allows registration in the MSc program as early as May 1st, following completion of the undergraduate degree. As a result, students also have the opportunity for early completion, relative to the traditional MSc program offered by the Department. Similar to the conventional MSc program, students in the Accelerated MSc option can transfer to the PhD program.