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Preparation of Thesis

Students should consult the Guide for the Preparation of Thesis published by SGPS for criteria and specifications.  There are three basic procedural steps for thesis submission.

  1. Submission of the thesis for examination.  Submitting your ETD is a quick and simple process. After your thesis supervisor has approved your thesis, follow the instructions on the SGPS website for submitting your ETD documents to Scholarship@Western.  Please also submit the required approval form found here.
  2. Oral examination.  For the MSc degree, oral examinations are arranged by the Program. SGPS makes arrangements for the PhD examination.
  3. Submission of the revised thesis for acceptance as partial fulfilment of graduation requirements.  Candidates for master's and doctoral degrees who have successfully completed their oral examinations and who have made all required revisions to their theses must submit an electronic copy to SGPS.

Please make sure to delay the publication of your thesis by checking the respective box upon thesis submission if  not  ALL of the thesis data has been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal yet.  

An electronic copy of each thesis is also required for the Program records.

The guide for preparation of theses may be obtained from the SGPS website.