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Research Overview

Basic Sciences Research

Basic sciences research is clearly an area of excellence.  We have 12 physicists and scientists affiliated within our department who have brought their expertise and experience towards research excellence. Our research endeavors achieved since 2004 culminate with Western’s commitment to imaging with the creation of Biomedical Imaging Research Centre. As a one of the founding departments, we support the mission of, “The Biomedical Imaging Research Centre (BIRC) is focused on the discovery and development of innovative imaging techniques and instrumentation to improve the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases”.  By integrating our efforts across multiple faculties, University departments and Institutes, we have the potential to achieve our vision, which is “to become the most successful integrated Biomedical Imaging Research Program in Canada, and to rank among the top 5 integrated Biomedical Imaging Research Programs in the world

AMOSO research grants amongst clinicians have promoted interdisciplinary clinical research.  Existing corporate partnerships have enabled the formation of Digital Imaging Group for research in technology.  There are un-tapped research opportunities utilizing the data resources within our Digital Imaging PACS repository, potentially with the involvement of ICES at Western.

There is much more opportunity through BIRC with the creation of a physician, resident and physicists research centre led by Dr. Aaron Fenster.  Their aim will be to establish a repository of projects in BIRC and also to provide “the missing research link” by facilitating collaboration with clinical imagers.   Our physicists have excellent track record and expertise in obtaining grants, they need ideas!!

Resident Research

The 2013/14 academic year saw a large number of resident research initiatives, projects and presentations. A total of sixteen education exhibits, oral and poster presentations were highlighted at a number of high-profile conferences, including RSNA, CIRA, CAR, ARRS, SIR and the Ontario Thoracic Cancer Conference. Two of our residents have been singled out this past year for their exceptional work in research: Rebecca Zener had her work featured at five conferences and won the Radiological Society of North America's Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award. Derek Cool had his work featured at three conferences and won the Department's Tom Munro Award for the third consecutive year, the Rankin-Singh award and was the 2014 recipient of Schulich's PSI and CSCI-CIHR Resident Research Awards.