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London Imaging Discovery Day 2017

Tuesday June 27, 2017 will mark the 12th Annual London Imaging Discovery, an event showcasing the best and brightest residents, fellows, and scientists Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Medical Imaging has to offer.  This year, the venue will be at The Sumner Auditorium, London Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Hospital.
The objectives of the event are as follows:
•      To provide a forum for trainees, residents, and graduate students
•      To enable residents and graduate students to learn and experience presenting to an audience
•      To facilitate a congregation of knowledge with an extensive poster exhibition of research with the department
•      To invite Keynote speakers on education and research to showcase their expertise
•      To further develop the CANMEDS roles of Communicator and Collaborator through the focus on leadership development and relationship building

The event is free, open to all, and is a great opportunity to review the research at hand, enjoy refreshments and good company, and celebrate our successes over the past year. Our Keynote Speaker this year will be Dr. Chris Watling, Associate Dean , Postgraduate Medical Education, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University. He will be speaking about Building the Foundation: Observation and Feedback in CBME.

Online registration is now open!

Guests and Presenters (residents, fellows, scientists who are presenting) can register below.

PLEASE NOTE: This year we will be having the posters presented on a computer monitor ONLY, no poster boards. Therefore, you will be required to bring a poster saved as a PDF on a USB key.

DEADLINE for abstract submissions is May 15, 2017 midnight. Abstracts must be in the following format to be considered:

1. Word Format
2. One page abstract
3. 12 pt Arial Format
4. Title 16 pt Bold Centered
5. Authors in 14 pt Bold Centered
6. Institutions 14 pt Italic Centered
7. Abstract body = Block, not bolded, 12 font

DEADLINE for guest registration is June 12, 2017 midnight.

We hope to see you there!