Observerships (Optional Clinical Placements) for Year 1 and 2 Medical Students

  • Registration Opens:  Monday, September 30, 2013

  • Registration Closes:  Friday, May 30, 2014

Objective: To explore career opportunities in the community during the Academic Year

*Observership placements starting prior to September 30th or occuring after May 30 will not be approved. For information about summer opportunities please see MED5010: Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Electives (NPSE).

** You must review our Statement on Year 1 and 2 Observerships thoroughly before registering.

Observerships are voluntary clinical opportunities which students may pursue outside all scheduled learning during Year 1 and 2.

  • Curriculum will always take priority.
  • Absence from official curriculum-based learning to attend an observership is not approved under any circumstances.
    • If a student misses a scheduled learning session to attend an Observership, permission to participate in future Observerships may be revoked at the discretion of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education.
  • Students may participate in an observership outside of all academic engagements during the academic year, based on capacity and availability of preceptors. At no time will an approved absence be given to facilitate an observership.
    • The UME Office does not guarantee that observerships will be arranged or that any number of observerships can be obtained by every student.

Process for London Students

Prior to the Observership  

Please Note: All Students must complete the LHSC Training Modules PRIOR to the start date of their first Observership. Training Modules can be found on Single Sign On.

  1. All students arrange Observerships/placements with a supervisor directly. A list of Schulich Faculty who are available for Clinical Observerships has been created to assist you with this process. (please note that this is student-managed and was not created by the UME Office).
  2. The student must notify the Undergraduate Medical Education Office. This is done by filling out an Observership Form through Single Sign On.  Once your form has been submitted you will be able to view your pending Observerships under the “View Observerships” tab. Once submitted your Observership status under the "Approved" tab" will show as "Pending".
  3. The Undergraduate Medical Education Office must review your Observership prior to your participation. Please ensure that you allow adequate time (not less than ten (10) working days prior) for our office to review and process your arranged Observership. 
  4. Once your Observership Form is submitted on Single Sign On, an email is generated to your preceptor or preceptors contact confirming the Observership details.   
  5. Ensure that you have completed the required LHSC online modules (you can access these via Single Sign On) as requested at the beginning of Year 1.  If you have any trouble with the module please contact Medical Affairs at 519.685.8500 ext. 75125.
  6. Once your "Approved" tab states "Yes" you may attend your Observership as arranged.
  7. Print a copy of the Observership Introductory Letter and the Statement on Observerships and provide these to your preceptor at or before the beginning of the observership.

Following the Observership

  1. If you find that the number of hours spent in your observership differs than what you originally submitted please be sure to go in and modify your Observership. This can be done by logging back into Observerships through Single Sign-On and choosing the “Modify Observership” tab under “My Observerships.”
  2. Preceptors who are affiliated with Schulich are able to credit their Observership hours as "teaching hours". The hours are automatically recorded in Single Sign On for your Preceptor.

Questions? Contact registrationume@schulich.uwo.ca.

Process for Windsor Students:

Prior to the Observership  

Please Note: All Students must complete the LHSC Training Modules PRIOR to the start date of their first Observership. Training Modules can be found on Single Sign On.

Students need to fill out an Observership Request Form. Windsor staff will contact students regarding availability on an individual basis.