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Application Process

Student applying to Medicine program

1. OMSAS Application

All applications for admission to the six Ontario medical schools are submitted through the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS). To apply to Schulich Medicine, applicants must register and create an account with OMSAS before mid-September. The application deadline is the first week of October for admission the following September.

All applicants must submit the following to OMSAS:

For additional information, including all deadlines and conditions, please visit the OMSAS website.

2. Interview Consideration

Applicants who satisfy the minimum academic requirements, as determined by the Admissions Committee each year, will have their applications reviewed carefully and will receive consideration for an interview. Many factors contribute to the final determination of which applicants will be invited for an interview. Achieving minimum GPA and MCAT scores does not guarantee an invitation to be interviewed.

Degree Requirements

Applicants must have a four-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university. They may be in the final year of a four-year degree at the time of application. The degree must consist of 20 full or equivalent courses which will be complete by the end of the academic year (September to April) in which the application is being made. No preference is given to any specific undergraduate program and there are no course prerequisites.
  • Special Years: Applicants who have earned a degree from a recognized North American university may elect to continue in full-time undergraduate studies, a so-called Special Year, so that their academic standing may be improved. Only the first special year taken by the applicant will be considered for determination of GPA. Applicants must already have one undergraduate year that meets the GPA cutoff. A special year will only be considered if it contains five full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) taken between September and April. First-year courses, repeat/anti-requisite courses, and second-year courses that do not require a first-year prerequisite, are not acceptable in the special year.
  • Second Undergraduate Degrees: Applicants who embark on a second undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply during the final year of their new program. In order to be considered for GPA purposes, the second degree must be equivalent to a four-year degree. GPA consideration will be based only on the two best years of the second degree program. Course load and level requirements for the second degree are analogous to the requirements of the first degree. Applicants who are given a conditional offer must complete all program requirements for the second undergraduate degree by June 30th.
  • Graduate Studies: Schulich does not take graduate courses into consideration for the GPA; only undergraduate years are used. Applicants who are completing a thesis-based master's must have completed all requirements for their graduate degree. Final transcripts showing that all requirements for their graduate degree have been completed (or a letter attesting to the same) must be received by OMSAS no later than June 30th. Applicants who are enrolled in a course-based master's at the time of application must have completed all requirements by August 15th. A letter of good standing indicating there are no concerns with meeting all requirements of the course-based master's degree must be received at OMSAS no later than June 30th.
  • Foreign Courses: Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada who have completed their undergraduate level university education outside of Canada and the United States may apply to the Schulich MD program. All foreign transcripts must be assessed by World Education Services (WES).
  • Schulich Medicine will no longer consider applications to the first year of the medical program from individuals who are currently registered in a Doctor of Medicine Program or equivalent elsewhere.


Applicants must meet or exceed the minimum threshold in each of two full academic years (September to April) consisting of five full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) to be used for Grade Point Average (GPA) purposes. Each of the two years used for GPA consideration, one of which may be the current year, must contain at least three full course equivalents whose published academic level is at or above the year of study (for example, in third year, at least three full course equivalents must be at the third year level or above). Academic transcripts must clearly show that applicants have met this course load/level requirement. Minimum GPA scores are posted online in late January/early February each year.
  • Repeat Courses: Schulich Medicine does not accept repeat courses. If a course is repeated, that course is not counted in the course load for that year, nor is it factored into the GPA calculation for that year. Therefore, if you take 5 full or equivalent courses from September to April but one of them is a repeat course, we will consider that year to have less than a full course load and it will not be considered for GPA purposes.
  • Pass/Fail Courses: Only 1.0 pass/fail course (6 credit hours) will be permissible in each of the two undergraduate years being considered for GPA.
  • Exchange Courses: For applicants who have attended other universities on exchange, GPA calculation may be based on the marks achieved at the exchange institution. Official transcripts from the exchange institution must be provided to OMSAS at the time of application.

MCAT Results

Applicants must arrange for verified results of the MCAT to be submitted directly to OMSAS. MCAT scores are used both to screen applicants for interview, and subsequently to assist in rank ordering applicants. If you do not meet the required minimums in each section, as set by the Admissions Committee, your application will not be considered. Minimum MCAT scores are posted online in late January/early February each year.

3. Interview

Selected applicants will be invited to attend a personal interview in order to be considered for admission into Schulich's MD program. Email invitations to interview are sent out in February to approximately 450 applicants. Interviews are held over two weekends in March and April each year.

Schulich Medicine admission interviews are structured, standardized 45 minute interviews with a panel of three: one physician, one senior medical student, and one community representative. Each candidate who is invited for interview is required to complete a short written component to the interview where they are asked to read and summarize a passage according to instructions.

4. Offers of Admission

Admission to Schulich's MD program is based on academic ability and personal qualities. Applicants are ranked on a compiled score representing scholastic achievement, MCAT and interview.

First round offers of admission are sent out in May of each year (see Important Dates).