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Application Process

Student applying to Medicine program

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted through OMSAS, as follows:

Online Application - due October 1

- Official post-secondary transcripts
- Official MCAT (2015 version); must be the most recents results
- Non-refundable institutional levy and OMSAS processing fee

Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch - due October 15, 2018 - 4:30 p.m. ET

- Do not submit without your OMSAS Reference Number (eg. 2019-80xxxx) which you will receive after you have submitted your completed OMSAS application.

Confidential Assessment Forms - due December 1, 2018

- Three (3) different referees who, in the opinion of the applicant, have extensive personal knowledge of the applicant, will give an informed critical assessment of the applicant, and will make statements regarding the applicant's character, qualities and academic capabilities.
- Preference for at least one referee to provide a non-academic reference


Each spring, Schulich Medicine invites the top 450 ranked applicants to interview at our London Campus location. Interview notifications are communicated in late January/early February. For interview dates, see Important Dates.

The interviews are 45-minutes duration, structured and standardized, with a three-person panel comprised of one physician, one senior medical student, and one community representative.

Each candidate invited to interview must also participate in a brief online component comprised of reading and then summarizing a passage according to instructions.

Offers of Admission

After all interviews have been completed, candidates are ranked and initial offers are made in early May. Offers continue to be sent until the entire class of 171 students is filled.

Campus preference is considered during the offer process but cannot be guaranteed.

Please note, falsification or misrepresentation of information from any portion of the application process, including interviews, will result in removal of the application from consideration.