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Oberverships arranged via student Mentorship Programs can not be registered in Single Sign-on, and are not approved observerships through the Undergraduate Medical Education Office.

To explore career opportunities in the community during the Academic Year

*Observership placements starting prior to September 30th or registered after June 9th will not be approved. For information about summer opportunities please see MED5010: Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Electives (NPSE).

Note: Before registering, students must review important information.

What is an Observership?

Observerships are voluntary opportunities which students may pursue outside all scheduled learning during Year 1 and 2.

Responsibilities of the health professional

Please review the Statement on Observerships.

Please NOTE: Our Schulich M.D. students have already met the online training and helath requirements and as such, we do not require the students to complete any of the Medical Affairs Observership Appendices. It is important, however, that preceptors be made aware of this policy outline.