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Where are they now? Some of our graduates...

Jason Kovac

Jason Ronald Kovac,MD/PhD (2007, Western University)

MSc (2001, Queen's)
BSc/BEd (1999, York University) 

I am currently enrolled in the Urology program at McMaster University in Hamilton. Afterwards, I will further focus my interests by completing a 2 year research fellowship in Andrology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas under the mentorship of Drs. L. Lipshultz and D. Lamb. I anticipate pursuing an academic research position with a combined focus on erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Mark Kirchof

Mark Kirchof, MD/PhD 2008

Dermatology, UBC

Mark Kirchhof is going to be starting his third year of residency in Dermatology at UBC in July, 2011. He did his rotating internship in Victoria. He continues to have an interest in research and hopes to make valuable contributions to the Department of Dermatology & Skin Science as he joins the core program. He still is able to contribute to publications in his former lab from his PhD work and looks upon his productive time at the University of Western Ontario with great fondness.

Derek Debicki, MD/PhD 2008

Neurosciences, Western University

Tom Appleton

Tom Appleton, MD/PhD 2011

Internal Medicine, Western University

"... I am continuing my training as an internal medicine resident in London. I am continuing to participate in research activities, both locally and in collaboration with Canadian and international researchers in the fields of arthritis and vasculitis. I am greatly looking forward to fellowship and beyond as a clinician scientist."

Derek Cool

Derek Cool, MD/PhD 2011

Radiology, Western

"I am currently finishing the MD/PhD program and have successfully matched to the Diagnostic Radiology residency program here in London.  I will be starting my residency in July and I plan to continue my imaging related research work at the Robarts Research Institute, as time permits.  My research interests remain largely focused on medical device design and image-guided interventions.  Outside of academia, I am getting married this summer to my beautiful fiancee, Aurelia.  We are both looking forward to next stage of our lives."

Matthew Lanktree

Matthew Lanktree, MD/PhD 2012

Internal Medicine, Hamilton

Caroline Albion

Caroline Albion, MD/PhD 2012

Family Medicine, Stratford-Tavistock

Piya Lahiry

Piya Lahiry, MD/PhD 2013

MD/PhD stream Pediatrics, Toronto

I have started my residency program at SickKids in Toronto. The program includes one-year of protected research time where I can further pursue my career as a clinician-scientist combining genetics and pediatrics. Thanks to the training I received at Western, I feel better prepared and excited to start this new phase of my life.

Brenna Velker

Brenna Velker, MD/PhD 2013

Family Medicine, London

I have started my residency in Family Medicine at UWO, and am continuing to be actively involved in a number of research projects, in both clinical and basic science.  I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of the MD/PhD program and look forward to putting all that I learned to good use during residency and in my future career.  Family Medicine is an exciting and ever-expanding specialty, and with this, requires excellent evidence-based research to guide our future practice.  I am looking forward to being a part of this important work!

Mike Berger

Mike Berger, MD/PhD 2013

Phys-Med, UBC

I am looking forward to starting residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at University of British Columbia in July, 2013.

The MD/PhD program at Western provided me with the knowledge, skills and experience I need to succeed as a clinician-scientist and I will always look back fondly at my time here.

Harry Marshall, MD/PhD 2014

Matthew Cecchini, MD/PhD 2014

Pencilla Lang, MD/PhD 2014

Shirine Usmani, MD/PhD 2014

Christopher Johansen, MD/PhD 2015

Rohann Correa, MD/PhD 2016

Jillian Belrose, MD/PhD 2016

Kevin Skoblenick, MD/PhD 2016

Jason Chan, MD/PhD 2017

Matthew Quinn, MD/PhD 2017