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Spiritual Care

Caring For The Human Spirit

The Learner Equity & Wellness Office would like to make you aware of the locations of resources available to students for worship if needed.

The Sanctuary-University Hospital

Main Lobby, Room A1-502

Office Location: Main Floor, Room A1-507

The Sanctuary-Victoria Hospital

Level 3, Room C3-402

Office Location: Level 3, C3-404D

How Do I Page Spiritual Care?

Interfaith Chaplain (on-call 24/7)

University Hospital
Pager 14692

Victoria Hospital
Pager 14693

Roman Catholic Priest (on-call 24/7)

University Hospital
Pager 13982

Victoria Hospital
Pager 14694

Western University Chaplain's Services 

"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well"