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Clinical and Surgical Simulation

Clinical simulation

Clinical and Surgical Simulation

Simulation is recognized by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute as a major determinant of patient safety and outcomes. Simulation education and training enable students to practice surgical procedures, become familiar with surgical tools and equipment, improve communication skills, increase familiarity with health care issues, improve efficiency, experience real life situations that could become critical in the field, work as part of a team and analyze data to evaluate how well tasks are performed.

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is a recognized leader in simulation training and research.
New discovery and programs are undertaken at labs across the School including Robarts Research Institute, through the Clinical Skills Learning Program, and through specialized programs provided at the Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics Centre and the Hand and Upper Limb Centre, which are affiliated with hospitals in London.

Clinical Simulation

The Clinical Skills Learning Program offers experiential learning for students, residents, faculty members and health care professionals. Expertly trained volunteers support this unique teaching and learning experience by modelling patient histories, various socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and the emotions and personality characteristics of an individual afflicted with an ailment. Learners’ communication skills and patient examination skills are greatly enhanced through this unique and highly specialized approach.

Surgical Simulation

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry provides training through the Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics Centre. The Centre stands at the forefront in providing world-class programs and administering high-performance, internationally-recognized simulation training. All programs exceed internationally accepted standards and optimize health care team competence, confidence and performance while improving patient care, safety and quality.

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