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Conferencing Products

Med-Ed Network Video Conferencing

The Schulich Med-Ed network is a private network with endpoints located in London and Windsor.

It is used to connect sites for Schulich faculty, staff and students for the purposes of curriculum delivery, business administration, academic planning and curriculum-related activities.

  • All conferences are conducted on an ad-hoc basis, using video conference endpoints (predominantly Polycom) with pre-populated directories, named GDS or Global Directory.
  • Naming convention for Schulich Med Ed sites is: City-Institution-Room# EG: LON-UWO-HSA101
  • When placing calls, press the directory button on the remote control and navigate to “Global Directory” to search for Schulich Med-Ed endpoints
  • Calls must be point-to-point.  To arrange for multi-point calls, please CONTACT ETMS
  • Calls can be made to sites other than those which are listed in the Schulich Med-Ed directory.  To arrange for this, please CONTACT ETMS

Vidyo Web Conferencing

  • Used by Schulich Centre for Studies in Family Medicine
  • Enables conferencing  with external guests via internet
  • Provides connectivity via dedicated Vidyo endpoints, as well as web, desktop & mobile clients
  • Can connect to Schulich Med-Ed endpoints, external endpoints and guests via internet
  • Download Vidyo Client
  • Vidyo Knowledge Centre
  • Request Assistance with Vidyo

Vidyo Endpoints at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

City-Facility-BldgRoom Description
LON-FM-1103 WCPHFM Room 1103.  Small Conference
LON-FM-1120B WCPHFM Room 1120B.  Mid-size conference
LON-FM-1150 WCPHFM Room 1150. Large Classroom
LON-FM-2005 WCPHFM Room 2005.  Small Conference Room
LON-UWO-CSB3706* CSB Room 3706.  *Dedicated Vidyo account on PC

Ontario Telehealth Network (OTN) Video Conferencing at Schulich

  • Reserve an OTN-enabled Facility at Schulich
  • OTN-equipped facilities at Schulich are reserved by the meeting organizer or 'host' ETMS creates an OTN event (all OTN calls from Schulich sites must be scheduled a minimum of 24hrs in advance)
  • If the meeting host has remote-site info (site/camera numbers) remote sites can be added by ETMS at the time the OTN event is created  
  • An event # is created in conjunction with the event; the OTN event number is sent by ETMS to the meeting host to confirm that the OTN event has been created
  • The meeting host distributes the OTN event number to their contacts at remote sites
  • Remote-site contacts are responsible for reserving their own OTN systems, local support and for 'joining' the event using the OTN event number
  • ETMS can provide local set-up assistance on the day of the event, if required For issues originating at non-Schulich sites, please contact your site's OTN coordinator or call OTN Support Desk
  • Schulich's OTN-enabled cameras are 'off-net' and do not behave the same way dedicated OTN endpoints would.  They are connected to both OTN and the Schulich Med-Ed networks.
  • All OTN calls must be scheduled in advance; in the event that a site has to join an OTN call last-minute, it must be done by calling the OTN Support Desk.
  • Calling a Schulich Med-Ed endpoint already connected to an OTN call (ie: joining the call without pre-scheduling your connection) causes the OTN call to fail, at which point all OTN endpoints must be re-connected.

OTN Enabled Facilities at Schulich

City-Facility-BldgRoom OTN Site# OTN Camera #
LON-UWO-HSA101 1917 02
LON-UWO-MSB146A 1917 08
LON_UWO_MSB190 1917 04
LON-UWO-MSB105 1917 06
LON-UWO-CSB3702 1917 07
LON-UWO_DSB1002A 1917 09
LON-UWO-MSB017 1917 10
WIN-UW-MEB1100G 1918 01
WIN-UW-MEB2100 1918 02
WIN-UW-MEB2100 5607 01

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing allows a flexible conferencing experience, generally from desktop or mobile device, sometimes with the addition of hardware such as a USB speakerphone and/or web-cam.  Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry has facilities equipped to utilize web conferencing on varying scales.  The advantage these spaces provide is that they employ USB standards-based video and audio equipment, which can be used with numerous web-conferencing products.

The following Schulich facilities are equipped for web-conferencing with groups of varying size:

  • HSA101 – Multi-purpose facility
  • MSB105 - Conference room, seats 25
  • MSB148 - Classroom
  • MSB282 - Classroom
  • MSB384 - Classroom
  • WCPHFM 4006 - Classroom
  • WCPHFM 1150 – Large Multipurpose facility
  • CSB3706 – Conference room, seats 8

Web conferencing could include software applications such as:

  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Cisco Webex
  • Adobe Connect