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***The migration window for Email for Life (E4L) has now closed***

***The migration window for Email for Life (E4L) has now closed***

If you have completed the migration steps you should now be logging into (the new E4L system) to access your email.

If for some reason you have not completed the migration you can still follow these steps:
**NOTE: All forwards must be removed from your E4L account and/or disable any IMAP/POP3 settings in other email clients**
Click here for detailed instructions for migrating your E4L account.

Failure to follow the migration process by January 31st 2016 will result in the permanent loss of access of your historical E4L mail.


For specific help with your account, login and/or resetting passwords please see the group specific instructions below:

For Current Students/Alumni:


For Alumni who are now Western Faculty:


***Note: Once you have migrated you are no longer required to log in to the old Email for Life system.
Please login to Office 365 (The new Email for Life system) at in order to access your email***

On January 31st 2016 the old Email for Life system will be shutdown permanently and you will no longer be able to log into this system and/or access your historical Email for Life email.