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Update - Clause 13.2 - Conditions of Appointment for Physicians

Many Clinical Academics have expressed concerns about the condition permitting the University to terminate a Clinical Academic Appointment without cause. In response, following discussion with executive of the Clinical Teachers’ Association, clause 13.2 will be deleted from the proposed Conditions document.

While termination without cause is typically a legal right of employers, the intent was for it to be used on those extremely rare occasions where required to protect the community or reputation of the University. Nonetheless, it is clear that physicians at large are uncomfortable with this provision.

Following the completion of the last two scheduled Town Hall meetings, all of the feedback received will be considered, and a final version with changes tracked will be made available to Clinical Academics in advance of the vote (May 9-11).

Sent on behalf of
Dean's Office, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Board of Directors, CTA-UWO