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Dr. Ali Khan

Dr. Ali Khan

Ali R. Khan received his PhD degree in Engineering Science from Simon Fraser University in 2011, carrying out research in brain image registration and segmentation funded by a NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Virtual Augmentation and Simulation for Surgery and Therapy (VASST) laboratory under Dr. Terry Peters, and is a recipient of the Epilepsy Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship and the CIHR Fellowship. Dr. Khan's current research interests include neuroimage analysis, epilepsy imaging, and image-guided surgery.

Significance of the Research:
Up to 30% of patients with epilepsy don't have control of seizures with drugs, and in these cases surgical treatment is often required. Planning for these surgerites can be extremely challenging and histopathological validation of new MRI sequences and analysis techniques can improve localization of subtle lesions and potentially lead to less invasive surgical treatment.

This work presents a novel pipeline for aligning MRI and histology of hippocampal and temporal lobe neocortical sections from epilepsy surgery, and presents a validation protocol to assess the accuracy and reliability of our registration protocol. This work enables the comparison of histology and imaging and can thus lead to better localization of seizure zones and tailored approaches for epilepsy surgery.

NeuroImage Publication

Maged Goubran, Cathie Crukley, Sandrine de Ribaupierre, Terence M. Peters, Ali R. Khan Image registration of ex-vivo MRI to sparsely sectioned histology of hippocampal and neocortical temporal lobe specimens NeuroImage, Volume 83, December 2013, Pages 770-781