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Top five stories from Current Affairs

After a year of intriguing profiles on Schulich Medicine & Dentistry's faculty members, graduate trainees and alumni, the top five most read articles have been selected from the Current Affairs newsletter. From research about cannabis to mental health to stories about mentorship, the following are list of the top stories from 2017.


A dose of perspective
Roger Hudson, an MSc Candidate, is researching how different doses of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol interact and effect learning and neutral and emotional memory.


The Trendmaker
Kelly Anderson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Departments of Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Psychiatry, discusses her research on mental disorders, the shocking trends she's discovered in the mental health system and how she found her love of population health.


Fostering young minds in the lab
It's not just scientific research Zia Khan, PhD, is conducting in his lab. Stressing the importance of teaching graduate trainees the 'ropes' of research, he says he aims to produce 'super minion' scientists.


Diabetic mothers passing on more than just genetic characteristics to their children
While it is widely known those with diabetes have a greater risk of developing heart failure, Dr. Qingping Feng has discovered through his research that diabetic mothers have a greater risk of bearing children with severe congenital heart abnormalities.


Seizing the day
Describing her career as serendipitous, Alison Allan, PhD, says being open-minded has helped her to succeed in the field of oncology research and reach new heights, such as being one of the youngest Acting Departmental Chairs.