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Top stories from December 2015 Current Affairs

If you didn’t have a chance to read the December 2015 issue of Current Affairs, get caught up on the top read stories of the month.

A journey from sport to science
An alumnus of the Canadian National Volleyball Team and three-time athlete of the year at Dalhousie University, Jeff Weiler, PhD, has used his passion for athletics to fuel his research. He is now finding his stride as a postdoctoral fellow, working on another type of movement.

International interest in infectious diseases
Growing up in West Africa, Hinissan Pascaline Kohio knew she wanted to do research on the biological processes that lead to infectious diseases. Now this PhD Candidate is building her expertise to eventually share it with her home country of Burkina Faso.

Networking: How to stand out and get noticed
From working one-on-one in the lab with her graduate trainees to reading about innovative technology and techniques during her downtime, Nathalie Bérubé, PhD, is constantly surrounding herself with new information to impact her research.

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