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Top read stories in April 2015 Current Affairs

If you didn’t have a chance to read the April 2015 issue of Current Affairs, get caught up on the top read stories of the month.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows thrive at London Health Research Day 2015
The London Convention Centre was filled with curiosity and excitement on April 1, as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows shared their research with guests, judges and fellow presenters at the 2015 London Health Research Day event...

Seeing double: Taking on the MD/PhD program
Charles Yin was in the tenth grade when he completed his first research project. Now in his first year of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s MD/PhD program, he is excited to unlock the potential of combining medicine and research. Yin sat down with us to discuss the seven-year journey ahead of him...

Why you should embrace the dreaded PhD defence
For many trainees, the PhD defence can be an intimidating situation. This month, Andrew Watson, PhD, discusses the importance of embracing the challenge, and outlines some of the essential skills trainees will gain by completing "the test"...

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