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Find your passion

Dr. Strong smiling for the camera.

Do what you love and find your research passion - these were the take-home messages delivered by Dr. Michael J. Strong, dean, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry at the recent Graduate Students' Town Hall.

The lunch time Town Hall offered an interactive forum for master's, PhD and postdoctoral trainees to chat with, and ask questions of the Dean.

Dr. Strong shared what he believes are some of the benefits for trainees. He noted a master's degree offers students the opportunity to explore science in a protected way and to begin to understand the scientific environment using a framework.

A PhD, meanwhile, offers trainees the chance to break the mould, giving room to design one’s own experiments. Postdoctoral studies provide the individual the opportunity to experience life as an investigator without the added job pressures investigators face.

He advised all trainees to nourish their fundamental curiosity and to really think hard about what they want to be doing for the next decade or so, and then run with the idea.

 “Make sure you are researching something for which you have a passion. You will be spending an inordinate amount of time investigating and researching your chosen topic. Find what you love and what you are passionate about, and find a way to research it,” he said.