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Three minutes to win it - 3MT

What can you do with a single, static PowerPoint slide, your charm and charisma and 180 seconds? Armed with only these few things, could you explain your research and its impact to a panel of non-specialist judges?

Enter the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Heat of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition on April 2 and find out just how sliver-tongued and charismatic you can be. For more information, or to register, click here.

The 3MT gives you an excellent opportunity to improve your communication and presentation skills. The top 20 students from the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Heat will present at the Western finals on April 10. The top two from there will go on to the provincial 3MT finals, April 24 at McMaster University.

Presentations are judged on three criteria – communication style, comprehension and engagement. In three minutes, you must give a clear picture of your research and its importance in lay-language and leave the audience wanting to know more. Your single PowerPoint slide is all you have as a prop. No electronic media, no laser pointers, no additional props, no songs or skits are allowed. Go over the three minute mark, and you’ll be disqualified.

Last year, one of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s own, Michael Taylor, an MSc student in Epidemiology and Biostatistics won top prize at the Western University finals and was awarded the People’s/Participant’s Choice Award at the provincial finals.

For some tips and tricks, click here to see a video of Michael’s 3MT presentation.