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Application Process

Applications to become a Global MINDS 2018-19 Fellow are now being accepted from Western University students, with 20 spots available.

The Global MINDS Fellowship Program (GMFP) 2018-19 is a year-long opportunity for highly qualified students from Western University with diverse academic backgrounds and skills to learn and collaborate in transdisciplinary teams to create innovative and impactful solutions. The GMFP 2018-19 will be held in London, Canada, and will focus on incubating solutions for local mental health inequities.


The GMFP approach is carried out through three stages:

  1. Pre-Summer Institute Orientation

June 2018: The Pre-Summer Institute Orientation prepares Fellows for the journey that they will soon embark on and welcomes them to the Global MINDS family. Through team-building activities, storytelling and an exploration of skills and competencies, Fellows are introduced to the Guiding Principles of Global MINDS, to Faculty, Fellow Mentors (2017-18 Fellow alumni from Western University and Kenya), and to each other, while beginning to conceptualize and reflect on their unique and individual strengths, and those that make up the larger GMFP community. Fellows will also prepare for the Summer Institute in advance by having access to foundational learning materials (e.g. readings and teaching videos).

  1. Summer Institute

July 15 – 28, 2018 at Western University (London, Canada): Over a two-week period, Fellows will collectively comprise of four high-performing teams, and will be tasked to develop a “disruptive solution” for a complex mental health system challenge proposed by one of our Community Partners, totalling four complex challenges. Each team will receive guidance from a Faculty Coach and Fellow Mentor, and will work in partnership with their Community Partners and local stakeholders to address these challenges. Teams engage in an intensive curriculum of sense-making exercises (system mapping, stakeholder analysis), developing iterative complex challenge questions and briefs, determining personal and team impact statements, and designing implementation, evaluation and sustainability strategies. Professional capacity building opportunities are integrated into the curriculum, including daily mindfulness and reflection sessions, cultural exchange, larger group and team-building activities, and focused, interactive learning on topics such as public speaking and leadership development. The Summer Institute ends with a “Disruptive Solutions Final Pitch Event”, where teams pitch their final solution to receive seed funding. Audience members will include: Community Partner representatives, Global MINDS faculty and staff, university and public officials, and other members of the community.

  1. Post-Summer Institute Activities

August 2018 – May 2019: Following the Summer Institute, each team will implement, evaluate and disseminate their project solutions over the year with coaching from faculty, guidance by Mentors, and in partnership with local stakeholders. Other faculty members from Global MINDS will be brought in as process or content experts as needed. Projects are expected to obtain approval from the Western University Research Ethics Board. Throughout the year, Fellows also participate in Knowledge Exchange Activities (webinars, oral and written report submissions) and Professional Development Activities (reflective practice, teambuilding, and leadership activities). Fellows will also share their journey on the Global MINDS SnapShot Blog.


Program Fee: $1200.00 CAD

Fees Includes: all teaching and learning materials used throughout the year, coaching and mentorship for the year, snacks, breakfast, lunch and most dinners during the Summer Institute and transportation for Summer Institute activities (including extra-curricular activities).

Does not include: accommodation, miscellaneous (e.g. entry fees for extra-curricular activities).

Financial Need:

We will work with students that demonstrate significant financial need to identify options to reduce and/or offset the program fee on a case-by-case basis. To further explore this option, please connect with Kait Saxton (


Senior undergraduate students, professional degree undergraduate students, graduate students, and postgraduate trainees are eligible to apply. All students should be non-graduating, however, students who are graduating this year, but who will be pursuing their next degree at Western University, are considered eligible to apply (provided supporting evidence of such).

Eligible students are required to:

  1. Demonstrate strong interest in mental health and social innovation
  2. Demonstrate ability to engage in transdisciplinary work 
  3. Demonstrate academic excellence
  4. Commit to all GMFP activities: The Pre-Summer Institute orientation and learning objectives (June 2018), the intensive Summer Institute (July 15 – 28, 2018), and participation in Post-Summer Institute Activities (August 2018 – May 2019), for a total of one-year engagement. **
  5. Commit to the work & deliver on team projects during and following the Summer Institute.

**Please see “Time Commitment” below.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity and inclusion of multiple perspectives is what makes Global MINDS who we are and enables what we do: disrupting global and local mental health inequities.

We strongly encourage Fellowship applications from people of diverse backgrounds and/or from diverse communities.


The GMFP is highly intensive, and Fellows must be able to commit sufficient time:

Pre-Summer Institute: Half to full day orientation activities, 10-15 hours for reading materials and video-teaching.

Summer Institute: 8am – 8pm for scheduled activities, and the rest of the evenings to be determined by team needs. This would occur everyday Monday to Friday. Weekends will involve some programming (e.g. extra-curricular activities/trips) and some downtime.

Post-Summer Institute Activities: 5-8 hours/week. Activities include: monthly webinars, mid-year and final-year reports and reflections, leadership-related activities, and project-related work.


Step One: Required Documents

  1. A personal statement (limit to 750 words) that includes:
    1. Why you are applying to the Fellowship Program?
    2. How your academic and/or professional background has prepared you for this opportunity?
  1. A copy of transcript(s) of academic work completed to date at all post-secondary institutions. A copy of certificates relevant to this opportunity may also be shared.
  2. The names and contact information of two referees most familiar with your relevant academic and/or professional work experience. These referees will be contacted for a confidential reference if the applicant moves into Step Two.

Western University students should send the personal statement, CV/resume, a copy of your transcript(s), and the names and contact information of two referees as one pdf package to Kait Saxton (

Step Two: Interview

The final step is the interview, which will occur over Skype and/or in person. During the interview, you will be asked two sets of questions. The first set will be in regards to your past experiences and what you hope to achieve from the program. The second set of questions will ask you to propose an innovative solution to a complex health challenge (not necessarily exclusive to mental health) affecting a marginalized community. These solutions should clearly define the target population, existing challenge/situation, proposed solution, implementation model and expected impact.

The interview will not take longer than 30 minutes.


Deadlines & Timeline:

  1. Submission deadline for Step One: Required Documents is April 5th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. Students selected for an interview will be notified by early April 2018.
  2. Step Two: Interviews will take place over the second and third week of April 2018.
  3. Offers of acceptance will follow shortly after. Students are expected to respond with their intent of acceptance within a week


To download the the full application package, including FAQs, please click here!