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The following compose of two of the three streams (the third being the Summer Institute) that Global MINDS offers:

1. Graduate Seminar Course on “Global Mental Health System Innovation”

Beginning January 2017, a new inter-disciplinary graduate seminar course (one semester) will be available at Western University through the professional course-based Masters of Management of Applied Sciences (MMASc) Program in Global Health Systems in Africa (GHS-A) and the Collaborative Degree research thesis-based programs (Masters, PhD) in Global Health Systems in Africa. Faculty from a wide variety of disciplines will challenge students to engage in social innovation and social entrepreneurship to address global mental health complex challenges. In the final weeks of the seminar course, students will form small groups of 5-6 students with faculty mentorship that will collectively define a complex global mental health challenge in which they will develop an innovative solution and relevant measurement and scaling strategies. Student teams will “pitch” their projects to the class in a “Dragon’s Den” style for funding and other supports with classmates weighing in on the feasibility and impact of their solution.

2. Postgraduate Online Certificate Program in Global Mental Health

This certificate program will prepare learners for a career working in research, in policy, or in practice capacities to address mental health system challenges on a global and local level. Our target population for admission to the program will be cross-sectoral community-level stakeholders in mental health – from front line to management roles. The courses will be offered online and will combine students from Canada (both the remote north and urban centres, for example) and internationally. The certificate program will be run through Western University’s Continuing Studies faculty and will be launched in 2017-2018.