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Research Contacts

Ruth Bullas, Manager, Clinical Research Administration, Regulatory Affairs & Education
Lawson Health Research
ext. 76093

Jennifer McEwen, Education & Regulatory Associate, Team Leaders, Records Management
ext. 77998

Denise Grafton, Senior Ethics Officer, University of Western Ontario
ext. 84588

Larry Stitt, Biostatistical Support, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, University of Western Ontario
ext. 86243

Mady Hymowitz, Senior Consultant, University of Western Ontario, Research Office
ext. 86252

Dr. Victor Han, Program Leader, Lawson Research Institute
ext: 64798 or 80250

Sharon Donaldson, LHSC, University Hospital, Health Records
ext 35307

Karen Reidhead, LHSC, Victoria Hospital, Health Records
ext 52329

SJHC, Health Records: ext. 65537